Who Moved My Cheese?

Can you believe how far this site has come since it's first appearance on Homestead.com in 1999? AzusaAlumni.com was my first website and got me interested in web design. Today it is still hosted and paid for by me. However most the content is provided by you. Thank you to all the alumni over the last 20 years who have made this site a success.

Original Homestead Site 1999
2001 Moved to AzusaAlumni.com
2010 Upgrade Design
2013 WordPress

You haven't seen much activity from me on social media or AzusaAlumni.com blog posts because I've been busy updating the site design to catch up to modern technology. The new Design has the important announcements up front and easy to find.

And is mobile friendly


The nearly 20 years of content is still here. I have 127 paged to manually look at and reassign custom templates to so please keep returning to see more. And THANK YOU for following us.

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- Julie Krejci Class of 1979

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