It looks like my program that held our yearbooks finally died. I’m reloading yearbooks, I had a lot of files, 1978 is up.

1978 Yearbook Cover

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Hello Visitors

I haven’t checked in in a while but I just wanted y’all to know I’m still here. I have a pretty tight schedule and don’t work on this site too often however if anybody would like to add some content reply to this post. Or reply to any post in the entire site to a discussion or content. Cheers! 🥂

I added adds to this site to help offset the cost of hosting.

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Help Needed Calling Azusa Alumni

August 2015 Update:

Still looking for help!

June 2017:

This website is a project that I have been working on since 1998. It started on and then moved to it’s own location a few years later, here at The site has grown over the years, and so have I. I run 7 websites including this one, host several forums, am working 2 jobs, volunteer in the Jackson Hole Community Band as a musician and board member, and do summer and winter outdoor activities with my family on the weekends.

A while back I changed the platform to WordPress, a blogging platform. This makes it easy to update info without being a web designer. I still have much to do on the back end. Several of my old pages need to be changed to the WordPress code. (back end work). I need help with the front end, that would be monitoring comments, adding some content (text), approving new submissions on the class list, etc.

You need computer skills higher than basic, lower than advanced, and you need to be able to follow written instructions. If you are a blogger, you will have no problem with this site.

Interested? Please reply to this post.

Thank you in advance,


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Please Say “Thank You”

As most of you know I host, design (and pay for) the Website. If you love the site and want to do something to say “Thank You” and can afford a tax deductible donation to a 501(c)(3) non-profit this is the weekend to do so!

My passion is music and I’m heavily involved with the Jackson Hole Community Band (read more about us at please consider a contribution to the Jackson Hole Community Band through Old Bill’s Fun Run 2014, where your donation will be augmented by generous community philanthropists.

From the gift list pick “Jackson Hole Community Band” enter your donation amount and proceed to check out.

Gifts accepted July 4 through September 16, 2014 at 5pm.

Thank you in advance,

Julie (Krejci) Wilson ’79

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Class of ’73 40 Year Reunion!! Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ok all of you AZTECS! We are very excited to see each and every one of you at this MONUMENTAL Event! In addition to the “Picnic a la Casual” at Pioneer Park in Azusa, we have added a casual evening of dinner and entertainment with our fellow classmates at Don Jose’s Restaurant in Montclair, CA. Let’s kick it up a notch ya’ll ! Both events are open to all alumni in hopes that we will have a great turnout for the Class of ’73!!

Here are some details:

*Pioneer Park /11am-3pm
1360 North Dalton Avenue
Azusa, CA 91702

We have a gazebo for shade and will have your favorite 70’s music for your listening pleasure. Bring a lawn chair, munchies and a beverage..simple enough? O Ya!

*Don Jose’s Mexican Restaurant / 6:30pm- ??
8950 Central Ave.
Montclair, CA 91763

We have reserved a private banquet room and the cost is $20 per person paid at the door. This includes dinner, a beverage and entertainment. (additional alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase) How simple is that?!?! :)) We will have our own photographer to take lots of fun photos. Please feel free to bring any memorabilia you may have from those ‘glory’ years to share with everyone.

There will be some ‘down time’ between the two events so that you can relax and freshen up before the wild Huitzilhuitl Warrior Gathering party begins! We are asking that you please RSVP on our FaceBook Event page at and indicate if you are coming to one or both events (of course we would love to see you at both) and how many in your party so we can have an idea on the number of AZTECS to expect. :))

We may be updating this information periodically so please check the Reunion FaceBook Event page at ( ) and if you have any questions or comments please post there also. If you do not have a FaceBook page please contact Cory (Corinne Pierce) Overstreet. We will be happy to hear from you!!

Looking forward to seeing you all in August!
Cory (Corinne Pierce) Overstreet /
Lura (Keith) Belangeri
Julianne Miranda
Cindy (Culler) Lawrence

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Some of the original members: Judy Berryman-Gilbertson 1962 "Butterfly '62" Las Vegas 2007 with Dave '78 & Roxanne (Olejnik) '80 Hernandez, Tim Meeks '76, Dixie (Odom) Megrew '65, Julie (Krejci) Wilson '79, and Caryn Meeks.

Alumni Message Board Evolving Since 2000

Progressing with Technology

In the year 2000 a group of about 20 alumni became friends on the message board. As more Alumni joined in on the conversations Julie Krejci ’79 and Garry Schanke ’72 volunteered to be the moderators of the board. In 2001 Classmates announced the message board was changing to a paid members only message board so we opened our own message board on and on January 19, 2001 and our own web site hosted by Julie (Krejci) Wilson ’79 (but that’s another story).

Over 10 years, 174,680 posts, many changes with, and the birth of FaceBook it was time for another change, on  October 5th, 2011  the Forum moved to the Website. Integration into the website means it is hosted by alumni, and will always be free.

Join the conversation on the Message Board:


  • Profile Page for Members
  • It’s free
  • Calendar
  • Member Photo Gallery

Photo: Some of the original members: Judy Berryman-Gilbertson 1962 “Butterfly ’62” Las Vegas 2007 with Dave ’78 & Roxanne (Olejnik) ’80 Hernandez, Tim Meeks ’76, Dixie (Odom) Megrew ’65, Julie (Krejci) Wilson ’79, and Caryn Meeks.


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