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The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

As I reconnect all the pages on the Azusa Alumni site to their templates I see that I have not done anything with the page for each decade. I need help. I’m doing a heading with memorable things from each decade, and then stats for the beginning of the decade. Who want’s to help with a little research?

Pick a decade and reply back here with stats from first year of decade: 

  • The US Population Was:
  • The California Population Was:
  • The Azusa Population Was:
  • The AHS Student Body Population Was:
  • The Average Salary – Male Was:
  • The Average Salary – Female Was:
  • The Average Cost of Home in Azusa:
  • The Gasoline Cost Was:
  • The Food Cost – Loaf of Bread Was:
  • The Food Cost – 1 Gallon Milk Was:
  • The Food Cost – 1 Dozen Lg Eggs Was:
  • The Food Cost – 1lb Coffee Was:

Or memorable things from the entire decade.  I started some of them, click a link to read…








And reply below with your findings…

A BIG thank you who all take time to help.

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