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Established January 19, 2001 at, it ws a very successful and busy message board. After 10 years and 174,680 posts  the birth of Facebook drew people away and we have been dormant. Now with all the concern over Social Media privacy, we are reopening, why not give our original message board a try! Delphi’s platform has many features to protect your privacy that we have implemented on our message board. 

It is a subject based design (FaceBook is person based). Posts are arranged by Topics. Don’t like all the political stuff on on your Social Media feed? Ignore the “Politics” topic folder. Love politics? That’s OK Too. 

Tired of some bozo from Timbuktu making rude comments to you? Our message board only has one public topic folder, clearly marked. The rest of the message board can only be seen by approved members.

The only thing we ask is to keep your posts in an appropriate topic folder, we can help with that, and to be respectful to each other.

 – It’s free (or paid if you wish)Free vs. Paid Membership
 – It’s hosted and moderated by Azusa Alumni.
 – Only approved members can read and post.
 – You pick what you read.

Join the conversation on Azusa Connection – Click Here. Anyone with links to Azusa is welcome.

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Ways to stay connected to AzusaAlumni

AzusaAlumni now has a FaceBook page! Follow us and don’t miss a new post. The page does not replace any of the discussion groups, it’s a place to see what’s new on the website and maybe contribute to the information I have.

If you don’t FaceBook, you can subscribe to to this site in the right hand column on any page of the website.

We have a new Instagram feed, however I live a few states away. I’ll depend on other alumni to send me current pictures via text, private message, or email.

We have a new Twitter feed too!

We have a message board, it is different than other social media, and private. More information here.

We still have the newsletter. I won’t spam you, I use it to notify classes of reunion info that is passed on to me by reunion reps.

I have set the website up like a blog, reunion reps can ask for an account and post information about their reunions on the website. The info can be easily shared via social media. Please email me if you are a rep and want an account.

I added commercials to the site to offset my hosting expenses. I try to keep a good balance between content and advertisements. The site is still hosed by me, not a third party. I get credit for the adds. Thank you in advance for supporting my advertisers.

I hope you enjoy all the changes. ~ Julie




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Class of 1978 Shout Out!

1978 Yearbook Cover
Click 1978 Yearbook
The class of 1978 yearbook senior pages have been reloaded! But much of the information from your class is missing. Please go to your class page to see it and help us fill in the blanks.

Join the discussion on our message board at Delphi Forums (free membership required).





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Yearbook Update


My program that held our yearbooks finally died. I’m reloading yearbooks, I only had 4 yearbooks stored on my hard drive, the rest (of what I have) are on CDs. I have a bunch of the 60’s and maybe a few more in the rest of the years.

If you want to see a specific year reply to this post and I will check for that one first.

Thanks a bunch for all your support. ~ J

1957 Yearbook

1958 Yearbook

1959 Yearbook

1960 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook

1962 Yearbook

1963 Yearbook

1964 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook

1967 Yearbook

1968 Yearbook

1973 Yearbook

1969 Yearbook

1970 Yearbook

1974 Yearbook

1977 Yearbook

1978 Yearbook

1979 Yearbook

2009 Yearbook


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Class Pages

After over 10 years of input from alumni I’ve built in place holders for the class pages. As I build the pages let me know if you would like to see another field.

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Weekend in Las Vegas 2007

 Most memorable moments…

  • Elvis Spotting!
  • Watching Julie try to sneak up and pinch Damon in the a$$
  • The girls all coming down the water slide in the shark tank
  • The lesbians in the hot tub.
  • The alley at the Tattoo parler
  • Sliding down the slide at the shark tank
  • Tim was pinching Damons a$$ opps sorry what happens in vegas stays in vegas
  • That really bad garlic smell…. pewy

Photos: Vegas 2007

A visit with Judy

W e all went to visit Judy on Sunday at her new residence. She looks great….has red/brown hair, a new chair that is very fancy and is making new friends…of course. We gave her our email addresses and phone numbers etc. If you have her 909 cell number it is still active and she has a number at the new place too. She is for sure wishing for lots more company but says she is content!

Judy Berryman-Gilbertson 1962 “Butterfly ’62” Las Vegas 2007 @@alt@@with Dave ’78 & Roxanne (Olejnik) ’80 Hernandez, Tim Meeks ’76, Dixie (Odom) Megrew ’65, Julie (Krejci) Wilson ’79, and Caryn Meeks.

Judy got back on line shortly after our visit. We sure missed her!

Oh.. and this time.. we didn’t have to worry about the Couch.. it was

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