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The best part of my life is that married a great girl, Elaine Robertson, who succumed to breast cancer after 26 years of sharing great times and a few challenges along the way. Then I married Abby Dunn who was also widowed. I'm the father of 6 great kids and step father to 5 more that produced 32 grandchildren to date. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS Audit, Jail Inspections & Contracts: Utah Department of Corrections - Responsible for the discovery and implementation of more than $2 million dollars in cost savings and recommending additional savings in improved programs and strategies. Warden: Promontory Correctional Facility, Management & Training Corporation - Responsible for the pre-opening, opening and operational activities of a 400-unit male and female private sector adult felon minimum security pre-release preparation facility. Deputy Warden: Arizona State Department of Corrections - Responsible for all daily security, operational, and program components of a Maximum Security institution with an average daily inmate population of 759. - Managed four direct staff members and over 200 total staff members. - Developed and implemented a low cost highly effective demand-side drug interdiction program. Warden: Utah Department of Corrections - Responsible for direct administration and management of the operations of three prison complexes which provide housing for approximately 1000 adult male and female felons ranging from maximum, medium, and minimum security custody classifications. - Managed of over 150 staff, 300 volunteers, 3000 monthly visitors, and an annual base budget of over $7 million dollars. - Created a comprehensive work program, which replaced the historical 50% idle rate with 100% activity for all work capable inmates. - Implemented a budget management system, which predicatively guided and reconciled annual budget of $7 million. - Developed, prepared and presented expert witness testimony before Utah State Legislature subcommittees, Governor's subcommittees, State and Federal Court on innumerable occasions. - Invited by the State of Washington to testify as an expert witness in a Federal Court review of conditions of confinement and use of force. - Chaired a Division of Institutional Operation's committee to develop and implement the revision and streamlining of inmate disciplinary which impacted 3000 offenders. - Created and implemented a means to provide for a swift, 100% accurate inmate positive identification / count system, under routine and exigent circumstances, in all custody levels, that was not dependent on the availability of cells or rooms or other traditional facilities. - Developed and implemented a holistic drug interdiction system which affectively and dramatically reduced an 80% ambient drug use to less than 2% and involved all maximum through minimum inmates in a 900 bed complex, which continued until I left for Arizona. - Identified and incorporated cost saving mechanisms, which reduced annual expenditures by over $100,000. - Managed installation, implementation and management of automated scheduling system, which eliminated $200,000 in overtime costs. - Developed a comprehensive public relations and education program about correctional operations and challenges which was used annually by over 24,000 school, club, chamber of commerce, civic group and special interest group members. - Created and implemented a 144 bed Impact Management Unit that provided intensive drug education, counseling, and therapy or intensive individualized management of those inmates whose drug involvement was not deterred by incarceration. - Devised a system, which effectively utilized biometric identification technology to positively identify the 4000 people who routinely enter and leave a prison complex. The system improved accuracy and reliability while managing the stress placed on the staff assigned to manage key control points. - Designed and implemented 16-hour volunteer orientation training program which was used annually by over 600 volunteers and contract staff. Assistant Regional Administrator: Utah Department of Corrections - Direct administration, management and operation of Intensive Supervised Parole, Electronic Monitored Parole, Regular Parole and Institutional Parole in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, and vicinity providing services to the Utah Board of Pardons and in excess of 3000 community based offenders. - Created and maintained a mutually beneficial, efficient and practical operations information interlink between Utah's largest Parole Region and Salt Lake City Police Department, Salt Lake Metro Narcotics, Utah Public Safety, Salt Lake County Sheriff's Department and other local allied agencies. - Directed the expansion and enhanced equipping of the region’s surveillance capabilities. - Developed a system to affirmatively track and audit the actual hours worked by 60 non-salaried field agents, whose work assignments required flexible, and independent work hours. - Devised, authored and implemented the Department's policy that governed agent use of vehicle emergency equipment (lights, sirens, etc.) including vehicle stops made on members of the public and parolees related to the mission of the Department. - Planned and authorized many joint agency operations resulting in arrests, dismantling of drug houses and networks, break-up of prostitution rings, fugitive parolee and prison escapee apprehensions, and other similar activities. - Developed and implemented a critical incident review mechanism that assessed and corrected training and policy deficits. UTAH DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS – Deputy Warden - Direct administration, management and operation of two maximum security custody facilities and the division's main reception and orientation facility. 550 maximum security custody inmates, 130 unclassified reception inmates and 75 staff members. - Coordinated and managed to opening of a new 550 bed maximum security custody complex having multiple facilities. Developed new policies and procedures, modification of existing policies and procedures, training existing and new staff, and ensuring contract compliance with design, construction, and service provided through contracts and agreements. - Developed, managed and implemented policies and procedures for the selection, training, and coordination of two separate capital punishment executions including pre-execution management of the offender, death-watch, escort, tie down, clean-up, special facility security, post incident supervisory review, and post incident management. - Created and implemented a policies and procedures manual which set forth the management of inmates, use of force, exigent circumstances, etc., in an existing maximum security facility. - Researched and implemented a variety of use of force options and tactic, including the introduction of several non-lethal weapons, successfully reducing resulting injuries and liabilities associated with the use of force in a prison environment. SPECIALIZED SKILLS - Public and Private Sector Corrections - Initial Response and Tactics - Emergency Response and Tactics - Special Operations and Tactics - Special Weapons and Tactics - Hostage Rescue and Tactics - Hostage Negotiation and Tactics - Riot Control - Command and Control, and Command Post Operations - Media Training for press inquiries - Auditing and Certified Fraud Examiner training - Litigation management and training including: deposition, written interrogatory and court room testimony, presentation of evidence - Specialty litigation training in use of force, conditions of confinement and other corrections related areas - Expert testimony given in state and federal court and in legislative sub-committee hearings - Correctional contracts development and management PROFESSIONAL HONORS AND ACHIEVEMENTS 1991 Utah Department of Corrections Medal of Merit Award For participation in a special operation requiring thoroughness, conscientiousness, determination and initiative in the performance of a difficult assignment, which brought acclaim to the member and the Department. 1988 Utah Department of Corrections Letter of Appreciation For activities which resulted in success in the court settlement UDC v. Macri. 1986 Utah Department of Corrections Executive Director’s Award For acts of bravery during the performance of duties, for service with distinction under extraordinary circumstances during a major emergency. For dedication and resourcefulness in carrying out operational duties and for preventing a major prison break from maximum security. Also for professional representation of the Department during frequent Federal Court appearances and for participation with the Department’s tactical teams 1985 Utah Department of Corrections Letter of Commendation For managing the trial security in the Ronnie Lee Gardner capital homicide court case. 1980 Utah Department of Corrections Letter of Commendation For recovery of Lonie Case, a UDC fleeing felon fugitive. Other Service Awards Selby execution, Bishop execution, Andrews execution, Operation Sundance
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