Looking to buy a yearbook?

  • Amazon has reprints for sale (below).
  • eBay is also a good source

Submitting your Yearbook


Is your Yearbook not here? Do you have a scan of your Senior pages? Will you scan your Senior pages? Read on...

Please review the following and reply below with questions or the year you intend on scanning, 

A good sample of scanned year book pages is at this man scanned all the year books himself so they would be uniform. (I don't have that amount of spare time.)

Book Cover Standards:

  • Be sure the book is on the scanner VERY straight (it will barely fit on some scanners)
  • Get a good clear color scan  I can resize for you as long as the scan is at least as 300x400.
  • Please send me a 300 pixel x 400 pixel scan of the front of the book for the class page if I don't already have one.

Scanned Page Standards:

  • Only the Cover and the Senior pages please.
  • Images should be at least 800 pixels wide, the program will re-size but if the image is too small it gets too fuzzy and hard to see.
  • Please save in a jpeg format

If you would like to send me the yearbook on CD, DVD, or Thumb-drive instead, please
mail to

Julie Wilson
PO Box 9397
Jackson, Wy 83002

Do not mail me the year book unless you intend for me to keep it πŸ™‚

I know how time consuming this is, if you should choose to scan a book THANK YOU!!!




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