Yearbook Update


My program that held our yearbooks finally died. I'm reloading yearbooks, I only had 4 yearbooks stored on my hard drive, the rest (of what I have) are on CDs. I have a bunch of the 60's and maybe a few more in the rest of the years.

If you want to see a specific year reply to this post and I will check for that one first.

Thanks a bunch for all your support. ~ J

1957 Yearbook

1958 Yearbook

1959 Yearbook

1960 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook

1962 Yearbook

1963 Yearbook

1964 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook

1967 Yearbook

1968 Yearbook

1973 Yearbook

1969 Yearbook

1970 Yearbook

1974 Yearbook

1977 Yearbook

1978 Yearbook

1979 Yearbook

2009 Yearbook


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