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We now have a Twitter Feed!

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Mobile Friendly Message Board


Our message board at Delphi Forums is mobile friendly!

  1. Go to http://forums.delphiforums.com/azusaalumni/start on your mobile device.
    • Click your share button.
    • Android: A little triangle with dots.
  2. iPhone: Square with arrow.
  3. Save to Homescreen.

That's it!


Notifications are in the upper area of all the pages.
You can also set your preferences so you get messages in your inbox.



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Ways to stay connected to AzusaAlumni

AzusaAlumni now has a FaceBook page! Follow us and don't miss a new post. The page does not replace any of the discussion groups, it's a place to see what's new on the website and maybe contribute to the information I have.

If you don't FaceBook, you can subscribe to to this site in the right hand column on any page of the website.

We have a new Instagram feed, however I live a few states away. I'll depend on other alumni to send me current pictures via text, private message, or email.

We have a new Twitter feed too!

We have a message board, it is different than other social media, and private. More information here.

We still have the newsletter. I won't spam you, I use it to notify classes of reunion info that is passed on to me by reunion reps.

I have set the website up like a blog, reunion reps can ask for an account and post information about their reunions on the website. The info can be easily shared via social media. Please email me if you are a rep and want an account.

I added commercials to the site to offset my hosting expenses. I try to keep a good balance between content and advertisements. The site is still hosed by me, not a third party. I get credit for the adds. Thank you in advance for supporting my advertisers.

I hope you enjoy all the changes. ~ Julie julie@azusaalumni.com




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