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I grew up in Azusa but moved to Wyoming in 1980, I work on this website from my home in Jackson Hole. I often do sample searches on Google to see what how well my SEO is working. I do this often but get the usual Azusa California and AHS related stuff, there is always at least one link on that first page.

Today. after a recent set of changes on the website, I did my normal key word search and added the word Wyoming. I was surprised to find that at one time there was (or still is?) a Railway Station called "Azusa" and there was a famous train collision in 1904.

USGS Index of Railroad Stations

San Francisco Call, Volume 96, Number 166, 13 November 1904
Azusa, WY Train Collision, Nov 1904

Time to get out a map and my camera.... ROAD TRIP! 

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One thought on “Azusa, Wyo”

  1. Follow Up 7/16/2018

    Found the location, but it was not easy. It is not on any map. I found several references to the railway station in historical documents on line. I found reference to the exact location in Google Books, Railroad Reports, Volume 46 By Frank C Smith, Thomas Johnson Michie

    “Azusa is six miles east of Granger”

    Because of the news report linked above I had narrowed it to somewhere between Granger and Green River, Wyoming and found this map. It was stamped Library of Congress 1913. It did not have Azusa listed as a stop but there was an unmarked stop just east of Granger.

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