About AzusaAlumni.com

Hello Azusa Alumni!

I’m an Azusa Alumni from the class of 1979, when I’m not working, enjoying the great outdoors, or performing with the Jackson Hole Community Band, I design and host websites including the AzusaAlumni.com website from my home in Jackson Wyoming. I started this site in January of 2001 with the help of other alumni, after all these years technology has finally caught up with my vision for AzusaAlumni.com website.

I could use your help in making our alumni website the best one out there. Any contributions to the content of this web site are appreciated. Send photos, trivia, and report broken links or  errors to julie@azusaalumni.com please include the page name you are writing about.

Do you like this web site? I keep it running with my own money and time.  I added commercials via Google Adds and Amazon Shopping to help me off-set the expenses associated with this site. I try to find a good balance between content and adds.

If you wish, you can buy me a beer by dropping a couple dollars in an envelope and mail to:

Julie Wilson
PO Box 9397
Jackson Wy 83002

Do you prefer to make tax deductible donations to non-profits? My passion is music, my favorite non-profit is the Jackson Hole Community Band JHCBand.org donations are accepted via a link in their website.

I also work as an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef. Recently I decided I needed something on the side to subsidize my ski budget. I gave it a lot of thought, what would fit in with my schedule, activities, and hobbies? Pampered Chef was a no-brainer. So in September of 2019 I took the leap. To learn more about what I offer through Pampered Chef, please visit my Pampered Chef website pamperedchef.biz/tetontrekker

Thank You,

Julie (Krejci) Wilson class of 1979