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Our World

President of the USA: Richard Nixon
Oscar for Best Picture: The French Connection
Grammy Song of the Year: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
#1 Billboard: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack
Super Bowl: Miami Dolphins 3 vs. Dallas Cowboys 24
World Series: Oakland Athletics over Cincinnati Reds (4-3)

In the News:

Munich Olympics Terrorist Attack, Mark Spitz 7 gold medals, Digital Watches are introduced, Governor George Wallace is shot, First scientific hand-held calculator, Atari release PONG, Antiwar demonstrations draw 100,000, Cod War, Bloody Sunday and Bloody Friday Northern Ireland, Watergate Scandal.

Cost of Living:

Yearly Inflation Rate USA 3.27% 
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 1020
Average Cost of new house $27,550.00
Average Income per year $11,800.00
Average Monthly Rent $165.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 55 cents
Roxanne Ladies Swimsuit $30.00
Kodak Pocket
Wrangler Jeans $12.00
ladies Timex WatchFrom $30.00
Ford Pinto $2,078
Barbie Doll Designer Collection From $2.85
Frisbee 94 cents
Ladies Stylish Over the Knee Boot $22.97
Ladies Deirdra Wig $20.00
Ladies Front Slit Dress $18.00
Classic Cook Center $474.95
White Contemporary Dinette Set $282.95
Hellmanns Mayonnaise $1.39
Fresh Strawberries Lb 31 cents
Ground Beef Lb 98 cents
Fruit Cocktail Can 20 cents

Guestbook Archives

Name: Mark Harsha
Current City & State: Wichita, Kansas
School & grad year: AHS 1972
Home Page:  
Date: Thu May 13 13:23:45 2004
How you found us: Search Engine
Hello all; very nice site.
Name: Debra Sue Martin
Current City & State: Sulphur Springs Texas
School & grad year: 1972
Home Page:  
Date: Fri May 2 09:47:54 2003
How you found us: Search Engine
Hello, How is everyone doing. I saw that Crystal lake burned. So sorry to see. Has anyone heard from Monica Hinde-Brizuela? Would love to hear from old friends. I was the Debbie MArtin that lived up by the canyon. My sister was Diane(1974) and my brother was Rocky.
Name: Barbara (Williams) Slough
Current City & State: Austin, Texas
School & grad year: Azusa High - 1972
Home Page: http://
Date: Wed Jun 5 21:59:33 2002
How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!
Come play with us in the forum sandbox!
DANIEL SWIFT Saturday, 2/2/02, 11:23 PM
What year did you graduate?  1972
Debra S. Martin Wednesday, 1/23/02, 5:23 PM
Living in Texas, believe it or not teaching high school.Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me,my sister Diane and my brother Rocky.We lived going up to the canyon by the old Foothill Dairy. Would love to hear about old times and friends.Miss Azusa and all the crazy times we had.
From: Texas
What year did you graduate?  1972
jim kiessling Friday, 8/10/01, 4:34 AM
living so far away i can tell you azusa is never out of my heart. great times and great people.
From: reading pa.
What year did you graduate?  1972
Armando Herrera Monday, 8/6/01, 7:46 AM
From: Vancouver Washington
What year did you graduate?  1972
Rob Sussman Monday, 7/23/01, 11:44 PM
Hi fellow Aztecs!!! Would love to hear from anyone in my class or that went to A.H.S. in the Zeppelin era.(69-72)...Koool Site!.....Rob
From: Covina
What year did you graduate?  1972
Marilyn (Gorden) Fenton Saturday, 6/30/01, 11:44 AM
From: Hesperia, Ca
What year did you graduate?  1972
Betty (Woods) Pietzsch Sunday, 6/3/01, 10:44 AM
I welcome e-mails from old class mates!
From: Arcadia, California
What year did you graduate?  1972
Edward Wrobel Wednesday, 5/23/01, 1:09 PM
From: Valdosta, Ga
What year did you graduate?  1972
Brenda Tomlinson/Eastman Wednesday, 1/31/01, 12:12 PM
Hello! I am a fellow Magnolia Magpie! I lived at 957 E. Citrus Edge until 1966 or 67 when we moved to Arcadia. I lived right across the street from the Hinrichs. I have two sisters, Renae and Richelle and a brother named Dennis. I remember when the 210 freeway went in and they tore down all those houses in the way, to make room for it. I remember rollerskating and bicycling down the halls of Magnolia Elementary during the summer and on weekends. I remember and spent many weekends at the Glendora Roller Rink. I would very much like to get back in contact with Stan Geddes, our principal, and Mrs. Shelia Holly the second grade teacher for forever. I am also looking for Cindy Somesla, Mr. Hernandez, the 4th grade teacher and anyone else who remembers me. Remember a kid named "Bumper" who was always getting in trouble? ANYONE WHO REMEMBERS ME, PLEASE CONTACT ME AT MY EMAIL ADDRESS RIGHT AWAY! I can't wait to talk to you. I also remember all the kids I played with on Citrus Edge. We played baseball, hide n go seek, snake in the grass and flew kites... Look forward to hearing from you, "BREN" : )
From: Grew up in Azusa - in Westminster now
What year did you graduate?  1972 - Arcadia High School
Mary (Schanke) Issel Monday, 9/4/00, 4:39 PM
Just found this site and from the looks of it, "It's GREAT!!! Keep up the good work!!
From: Garland, Tx
What year did you graduate?  June 1972
Barbara Williams/Slough Saturday, 4/8/00, 4:13 PM
Great job, Julie! Looks Fab! (the full quote, though..."Everything from A to Z in the USA!" ) Way cool!
From: Austin, Texas
What year did you graduate?  1984
Garry Schanke Friday, 3/31/00, 7:26 PM
Great start Julie! Love the design!
From: Allen, Texas
What year did you graduate?  1984
Gail Hooper-Leslie Saturday, 5/4/02, 9:10 PM
Hello fellow Aztecs! I am so excited about finding this site!!!! I was a bit of a "wall-flower" in high school so not many of you will remember me but I remember many of you and have often thought of the good friends I made while at AHS. I currently live in Little Rock, Arkansas (don't ask) and would love to hear from you. Candy Robinson, Jim Hudson, and Maria Britto... if you're out there...HI!!
From: Little Rock, Arkansas
What year did you graduate?  1972
Brenda Tomlinson/Eastman Wednesday, 3/20/02, 6:23 PM
Hi everyone! πŸ™‚ Just wanted to give you my new e- mail address. Hopefully I will hear from some of you. I lived in Azusa and went to Magnolia. Would have graduated Azusa High in 1972 had we not moved to Arcadia where I graduated instead. I lived at 956 E. Citrus Edge St. Please get in touch with me... πŸ™‚
From: Azusa
What year did you graduate?  1972
DANIEL SWIFT Saturday, 2/2/02, 11:23 PM
What year did you graduate?  1972



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