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About the Class of 1967

Our School

Class Motto:
Class Governors:
Homecoming Court:

Home Coming Queen: Sharon Leedham.
Princess, Rosemary Gomez, Vici Torrence, Gloria Ward, Debbie Brown

Prom Queen and King:
Ring and Yearbook Committee(s):
Class Prank:

Our World

President of the USA: Lyndon B. Johnson
Oscar for Best Picture: A Man for All Seasons
Grammy Song of the Year: Up, Up And Away
#1 Billboard: "To Sir With Love" - Lulu
Super Bowl: Green Bay Packers over Kansas City Chiefs (35-10)
World Series: St. Louis Cardinals over Boston Red Sox (4-3)

In the News:

First Heart Transplant, The first ATM, Monterey International Pop Music Festival, "Torrey Canyon" runs aground on rocks off Land's End, Strikes by US teaching staff throughout country for pay increases, The first Super Bowl played between Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, Six Day War Arab Forces attack Israel beginning the Yom Kippur War.

Cost of Living:

Yearly Inflation Rate USA 2.78% 
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 905
Average Cost of new house $14,250.00
Average Income per year $7,300.00
Average Monthly Rent $125.00
Gas per Gallon 33 cents
Average Cost of a new car $2,750.00
Movie Ticket $1.25
Polaroid Camera History $50.00
Parker Pen Set $11.95
The Federal Minimum Wage is increased to $1.40 an hour

Reunions of Aztec Past

Guestbook Archives

Name: Nancy Tucker Baker (Nancy Tucker )
Current City & State: Mammoth Lakes , CA
School & grad year: Azusa High School - 1967
Home Page:  
How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!
On Thu Mar 30 20:37:00 2006 wrote...
Just wanted to let everyone know that Ken, Scott and I survived the huge winter last year, 2004-2005. This winter has been nothing but strange though! I have a new email addy,, wanted to let everyone know. Send me an email and I'll add you to my address book. PS This is our last SNOWY winter.....Havasu here we come, in September 2006. I miss everyone, let me know how y'all are doing! Did everyone go to LV this March???? I still don't have a tatoo/tittoo.....whatever! (Same ol' Nancy...) Love to all, Nancy
Name: Jeff Bewkes
Current City & State: Medford, Oregon
School & grad year: 1967
Home Page:  
Date: Wed Apr 28 17:48:26 2004
How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!
Hi everyone, Is anyone in Southern Oregon? I've been looking for Mike Handley. The last I knew of him, he was still in Azusa. Anyone know where he is? Give him my email address. Jeff
Name: Kerry Dempsey De Vries
Current City & State: Azusa, California
School & grad year: 1967
Home Page:  
Date: Thu Nov 21 19:19:09 2002
How you found us: Word of mouth
I have been married for 27 years to Robert and 2 girls Shannon 26 and Jamie 25. Both of my children are married & I have two grandchildren and 1 more on the way my youngest daughter is expecting. I enjoyed seeing you all at our reunion and hope everyone is ok. P.S. I am looking for a friend named Kathy Davis Hill and I know she has another name but I'm not sure what it is and the last I heard she lived in New Jersey. If anyone can help me out with this please email me. Thank you
Name: Greg Roberts
Current City & State: Oak Harbor, WA
School & grad year: 1967
Home Page:  
Date: Mon Sep 9 10:42:42 2002
How you found us: Search Engine
Join the NRA!
Name: Nancy Tucker Baker
Current City & State: Mammoth Lakes, CA
School & grad year: 1967 Azusa High
Home Page:  
Date: Sat Aug 24 11:58:15 2002
How you found us: A link someplace
Just wanted to see if I could find any of my old friends. So far I've found a few of those and several new friends who also were/are Aztecs!!
John "Pinky" Clifford Saturday, 7/21/01, 2:07 PM
Just came by to have a look and remember a few things. Hope veryone is doing well. Pinky
From: Pomona
Web Site:  

What year did you graduate?  1967

Steven R Dean Thursday, 9/28/00, 8:15 PM
What a long strange trip its far...I encourage anyone who remembers to e-mail
From: Indiananoplace,In
What year did you graduate?  1967
Sally Arrigo Manolovitz Monday, 9/18/00, 3:09 PM
Wow! Look at you guys, this is terrific! Is that the son of Torrance heading up the whole thing? Well, whattayaknow! Say hi to your Dad and the whole crew. When's the reunion?, the Rathburn's know about it, ALL SIXTIES, right, can you head me in the right direction?
From: Austin, Texas/ Gilbert, Arizona
What year did you graduate?  1967 (the best year)
Michelle Coates Thursday, 8/31/00, 9:18 PM
From: Azusa
Web Site:  
What year did you graduate?  1967
Pam Stapleton Monday, 8/7/00, 10:34 PM
From: Hemet,CA
What year did you graduate?  1967
Kathleen Woken-Rowley Sunday, 8/6/00, 10:59 AM
I saw some very special friends on this site. I hope to see all of you in October at the reunion. Good friends are forever....
From: Azusa/Tehachapi
Web Site:  
What year did you graduate?  1967
Pamela Williams Nutt Thursday, 6/1/00, 10:46 PM

Just seeing who has been here. Pam

Is great to see names of people you haven't seen in years. Keep up the good work.

Hope to find some old friends that are lost. This is a wonderful thing. Keep up the good work. Pam!!!!

From: Cortez Colorado
Web Site:  
What year did you graduate?  1967
Helyn DeCamp Wednesday, 4/26/00, 10:32 AM
It's truly amazing to see what you've done with this site. Thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work. I, for one, will keep coming back.
From: Parker, AZ
Web Site:  
What year did you graduate?  1967
Karen Koenig Franks Wednesday, 4/26/00, 8:58 PM
Hi all, See you at the reunion in Oct.
From: Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
Web Site:  
What year did you graduate?  1967


The Class of 1967

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