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About the Class of 1966

Our School

Class Motto:
Class Governors:
Homecoming Court:

Home Coming Queen: Chris Dempsey

Princesses: Eileen Stritch, Karen Simmons, Karen Lathrop, Sue Bond

Prom Queen and King:
Ring and Yearbook Committee(s):
Class Prank:

Our World

President of the USA: Lyndon B. Johnson
Oscar for Best Picture: The Sound of Music
Grammy Song of the Year: Michelle
#1 Billboard: "California Dreamin'" - The Mamas & the Papas
Super Bowl: The First Super Bowl took place on January 15, 1967
World Series: Baltimore Orioles over Los Angeles Dodgers (4-0)

In the News:

Miranda Rights / Miranda warning becomes law, Worlds first vertical Jump Jet the Harrier is introduced, English Channel Hovercraft service begins, China's Cultural Revolution Begins, Subway Strike in New York brings the City to a stop, Miniskirts are in fashion, Charles Whitman kills 14 and injures 31 on a killing spree at the University Of Texas, US has nearly 500,000 troops in Vietnam, Aberfan disaster in South Wales, Vietnam War international days of protest.

Cost of Living:

Yearly Inflation Rate USA 3.01%
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 3.8%
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 785
Average Cost of new house $14,200.00
Average Income per year $6,900.00
Gas per Gallon 32 cents
Average Cost of a new car $2,650.00
Dishwasher $119.95
Parker Pen Set $11.95

Guestbook Archives

Name: Patricia Carlisle Crawford
Current City & State: Glendora,California
School & grad year: Azusa High 1966
Home Page:  
Date: Wed Apr 20 13:10:43 2005
How you found us: Other
I am looking for 2 ladies that I was friends with at Azusa High ... I am looking for Laura Alderman and Judy Turnour Chase ( I think that's what Judy's married name is ) I would like to catch up on what has been happening in our lives ...
Name: Mike Ocon
Current City & State: the Netherlands
School & grad year: 1966
Home Page:
Date: Tue Feb 3 04:59:47 2004
How you found us: Other
this is an update I was here some time ago new e-mail address listed above and a web page I'm working on is there a yahoo chat room for class of 66? we have a daycamp for frisbee here in the netherlands from 5-10 July come on over a touch of Azusa would be fun
Name: Sherry Ann Blades
Current City & State: Rainier, WA.
School & grad year: Azusa 1966
Home Page:  
Date: Mon Mar 10 17:09:44 2003
How you found us: A link someplace
Hello to Alumni and students from Mayor Sherry O'Dell, City of Rainier, WA.
Name: Russ Negley
Current City & State: Cedar Falls, Ia
School & grad year: Azusa High, 1966
Home Page:  
Date: Sat Mar 8 09:34:25 2003
How you found us: Other
Thanks Norm for this address. Hi to everybody.
Name: Eileen (Stritch) Adams
Current City & State: Valley Center, CA
School & grad year: Azusa High School 1966
Home Page:  
Date: Thu Jan 9 12:27:38 2003
How you found us: A link someplace
Good old Azusa, you have quite a web page and some very distinguished grads!
Name: mike Ocon
Current City & State: utrecht,, The netherlands
School & grad year: AHS 1966
Home Page:  
Date: Sun Sep 1 04:13:04 2002
How you found us: Your kidding, right? I used a computer!
discgolf anyone? any good baseballl players I can recommend? Todd Clark, where are you?
Name: Norm Wilcox
Current City & State: Camano Island, Washington
School & grad year: 1966
Home Page:  
Date: Sat Aug 31 08:55:33 2002
How you found us: Word of mouth
Just found out about the food crawl today (two weeks after the fact). Maybe next year.
Ileene Cutrone (Ivkovich) Monday, 1/14/02, 9:32 PM
What a great site! Just out of curiosity I found this site & would love to find some old friends from 1966. Lots of memories flooded my brain as I read some of the comments from alumni over the years. There are absolutely no people as enjoyable as Californians!!!
From: Daytona Beach, Florida
What year did you graduate?  1966
Debbie Phipps-Reyes Monday, 2/26/01, 5:55 AM
Went to Magnolia Elementary, Foothill Jr. High and Azusa High. Would like to find Debbie Everly, Loreen Bradley and Sharon Swap. Keep up the good work. This website is great!
From: Crestline,Ca.
What year did you graduate?  1968. Moved to San Dimas in 1966
David Powell Tuesday, 9/12/00, 3:16 PM
Hello, I hope good health and well-being is with all of you. Keep in touch.
What year did you graduate?  1966
Tim Guy Tuesday, 3/26/02, 9:12 PM
What year did you graduate?  1966


The Class of 1966

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