Class of 1958

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1958 Yearbook

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Our School

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Our World

President of the USA: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Oscar for Best Picture: The Bridge on the River Kwai
Grammy Song of the Year: Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)
#1 Billboard: Volare (Nel blu dipinto di blu) - Domenico Modugno
Super Bowl: The First Super Bowl took place on January 15, 1967
World Series: New York Yankees over Milwaukee Braves (4-3)

In the News:

The Microchip was Invented, Great Chinese Famine, First Trans Atlantic passenger jetliner service begins, Munich air disaster, US Military predicts satellites orbiting the earth to make detailed maps from space.

Cost of Living:

Yearly Inflation Rate USA 2.73%
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 2.7%
Average Cost of new house $12,750.00
Average Monthly Rent $92.00
Average Yearly Wages $4.600.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 25 cents

Guestbook Archives

Name: Paul A. Cockrell
Current City & State: Walnut, CA
School & grad year: Azusa High School Senior 1958 Graduated from Citrus High
Date: Thu May 15 22:44:45 2003
I was a member of the first Senior Class, but had to graduate with the Seniors of Citrus Union High School (Now Citrus College). The reason for this is the lower classmates had already been going to school there for a couple of years and they wanted to be the first graduates form Azusa High.

Dan Coppick (Teenage walking locker) Wednesday, 8/8/01, 7:53 AM
Loved being a grad of Azusa. Would like to find out if any reunion for my class has ever been held or are planned.
From: Rincon, Ga
What year did you graduate?  1958

Darris Sloan Sunday, 7/1/01, 8:43 PM
From: Carson City, Nevada
What year did you graduate?  1958

Pat Farrell Key and LeRoy Key Monday, 3/12/01, 4:34 PM
We remember fondly our AHS days. Of course we were first Citrus students and then the first senior class to attend AHS.
From: Kingman, Arizona
What year did you graduate?  1958



The Class of 1958

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