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US Population:
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Azusa Population:
AHS Student Body:
Average Salary - Male:
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Average Cost of Home in Azusa:
Gasoline Cost:
Food Cost - Loaf of Bread:
Food Cost - 1 Gallon Milk:
Food Cost - 1 Dozen Lg Eggs:
Food Cost - 1lb Coffee:

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News for the 1980’s

ITAC-Azusa High School Golf Tournament

The ITAC-Azusa High School Golf Tournament has a new name, and is being held on a new day! The Foothill Credit Union Golf Tournament is being played at the Azusa Greens Country Club, Azusa, CA on Sunday, April 28, 2013. … Continue reading

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Class Pages

After over 10 years of input from alumni I’ve built in place holders for the class pages. As I build the pages let me know if you would like to see another field.

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