About the 25 Year Reunion

25 Year Reunion Highlights
Date: 2004-08-28

Azusa Greens Country Club
919 W Sierra Madre Ave, Azusa, CA

Reunion Contacts:
Office Name Phone Email
Kathleen (Bowman) Johnson
Troy (Pounds) Miller
DeeDee (Ayon) Garza

Who were you with

  • I told my wife she wouldn’t have fun, so she should probably stay home.
  • The party crowd in the back of the room.
  • No one

Hair Color etc:

  • Natural or now?

Additional Information or Comments:

  • Married for 19 years. High school sweethearts. 4 kids. We had a great time!!
  • It was great returning to 1979.
  • Great time.
  • Boob Shot (that explains a few things but we wont be posting that photo.)

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News for the 25 Year Reunion

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