Yearbook Update


My program that held our yearbooks finally died. I’m reloading yearbooks, I only had 4 yearbooks stored on my hard drive, the rest (of what I have) are on CDs. I have a bunch of the 60’s and maybe a few more in the rest of the years.

If you want to see a specific year reply to this post and I will check for that one first.

Thanks a bunch for all your support. ~ J

1959 Yearbook

1960 Yearbook

1961 Yearbook

1962 Yearbook

1963 Yearbook

1964 Yearbook

1965 Yearbook

1966 Yearbook

1967 Yearbook

1973 Yearbook

1974 Yearbook

1977 Yearbook

1978 Yearbook

1979 Yearbook